MITC Implementation Services team has experienced, qualified and highly skilled resources with various industry-recognized certifications from multiple vendors. The team has deployed numerous successful projects ranging from small, medium to large scale nearly in all industries across the region and has by far achieved the highest customer satisfaction rating and feedback. MITC will continue to excel in implementation services to deliver projects with the highest quality standards across North Africa and Middle East.


Implementation services through our experienced engineers includes:

  • Overall planning and coordination for the Installation by collecting all the relevant technical details of existing infrastructure, Identifying hardware, software and applications to be migrated.
  • Requirements Validation of the project scope and proposed solution with the customer, and MITC should observation and report in case of any issues.
  • Implementation Scheduling of all activities needed to be accomplished, and should show the required tasks in chronological order, with the beginning and end dates of each task.
  • Product configuration such as IP addressing Scheme, VLAN, Routing Protocols, Storage host ports, RAID groups …etc.
  • Software Security and Privacy settings and precaution of down time required to avoid any conflicts.
  • Set trail operation as we Prepare and submit User Acceptance Test (UAT) document to be performed after project implementation, to make implementation verification and validation.
  • After UAT of the complete project, we start successful operation with Performance Monitoring for best practice and best performance.
  • Provide appropriate training for providing knowledge transfer sessions to the customer.
  • Documentation to be your future reference for any technical support or for future development.